Open source rviz plugin for the HTC Vive

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SOMATIC has open sourced an rviz plugin which enables integration with the HTC Vive.

First a bit of background. Rviz (ROS visualization) is a 3D visualizer for displaying sensor data and state information from ROS (Robot Operating System). Rviz Topics are named buses over which nodes exchange messages.

The plugin we published takes localization information, as well as button and touchpad input, from the Vive (controllers and headset) and translates that info into a topic. Additionally, it includes hooks for vibration feedback which can be sent to the controllers. Lastly it renders the rviz simulation video output, in stereo, to the headset display.

  • Localization – headset and controllers
  • Button / touchpad input – controllers
  • Vibration feedback – controllers
  • Stereo video output – headset

The plugin is published under an MIT license: https://github.com/getsomatic/rviz_vive_plugin



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